Meet the Youngs

Jed Tyler otherwise known as JT or Just Jed is a manly man who enjoys life in the outdoor. Jed loves four-wheelers, snowmobiles, shooting guns, playing xbox, camping (in the summer... or winter), playing with kids, watching funny videos, concocting food in the kitchen, technology, and shopping (for manly stuff, of course. Maybe I should call it "acquiring" instead of shopping). Jed also likes sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is currently a UVU student studying environmental science and management. He also works full-time with at-risk youth. They love him.
Adrianne Jayne otherwise known as... Adrianne is a girly girl on her way to being a country girl. She loves shopping, shoes, cooking, baking, jewelry, crafting, sewing, hanging out with friends, reading, watching movies and dramatc TV shows, learning, healthy food trends, and eating yummy food. Adrianne graduated from BYU in August 2011 after studying Recreation Management. She now works for an amazing essential oil company called doTERRA (corporate offices, I'm not a distributor).
Juliet Olivia otherwise known as Baby J, JOY, Jules, Julietta, cute baby, and stinky is the center of our world. She was born on September 23, 3012 after an easy induction. She has long crazy hair, blue eyes, dimples, and is the perfect mix of her parents. She loves to laugh and is always trying to explore and learn things beyond what she "should" be doing at her age. You can see evidence of these adorable traits in our "family videos" tab.