Our Story

Jed and I met in July 2005 at a church youth camp, Especially for Youth, in Lawrence, Kansas. We were in the same group, and the first second I saw him, I knew he was special.

We became great friends and started dating about six months before he left to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City! He left at the beginning of my senior year, October 2006.

After graduation, I headed to BYU, and Jed and I were actually living in the same state for the first time ever!

We wrote each other very often, and our love and friendship grew a lot over two years!

Jed came home in October 2008. I immediately flew home to Kansas City to see him, and little did I know, he would try his hardest to convince me to move our planned wedding from May to January. Ah! I was nervous, but he succeeded, and we got engaged one month later.

January 2, 2009, we were married for forever in one of the most beautiful buildings on Earth-- the Salt Lake Temple.

Adrianne Graduated in August 2011, and has since been working full-time. Jed also works full-time and is a full-time student at BYU.

On January 11, 2012, we found out we were expecting. We were so happy and were thrilled when we discovered a daughter would join our family in September.

September 23, 2012 was one of the best days of our lives. Juliet Olivia Young was born. She has brought more joy, love, and laughter than we could have ever hoped!