Sunday, May 11, 2008

I figured it was time for an update, but it's 1 in the morning and I'm sleeping on Jordan's (My sister) couch.. so basically my adorable nephews will be jumping on me at 7 am. Soooo, I thought I would make this a short one.. but just as a heads up, I have a couple significant posts in the works up in muh brian.. so check back soon!

Jordan and Magge have been trying to persuade me to go back to my childhood hair color of blonde, blonde, blonde! As some of you know, I went super super dark last winter, so for me to go blonde again was kind of a scary thought. Scary or not, I did it! And I must say, it looks pretty alright. My best friend from childhood, Suzy, goes to school at the Paul Mitchell school of cosmotology, so I got some sweeeet hair for minimum price! Anywho.. admire or laugh.. you choose!

P.S. I ventured into the world of creativity and made my mom's and Jordan's mother's day corsages! Check these suckers out! I was so proud!

And the STUNNING combo!

OH! and here's a cool picture of what I think might be the new temple being built off Bangerter HWY in.... south Jordan? (I don't know Utah cities very well).

ok ok ok! Goodnight!


Livin' Single said...

girl i LOVE it! and i love that you are coming to MO today!

McClellan Family said...

MISS you already SIS! Wish you were still here but you have a summer ahead of you with some amazing experiences to be had. (and the end of the summer will bring a great reward!-well October-ish) LOVE your new look- it's exactly what I always pictured for you- you're GORGEOUS! And loved your thoughtfulness in making me a corsage- what a great job you did! Love you much!