Friday, September 26, 2008

If I had a million dollars,

I'd be rich!

______________ UPDATE_________________
I went to the consultation mentioned below and the REALLY nice girl, Norma, gave me another 35% off. The micros start at 700, but with all that money off, I can get it for cheaper than the limit I made for myself! I get 5 treatments for less than $200. I've always been an ugly duckling with ugly skin, and I'm pumped! (even though I may be totally superficial...)

Seriously... Lately I've had this unquenchable urge to get a microderabraision. Today I'm going to a free consultation because i supposedly won a $400 coupon for American Laser something or other at the Wedding expo. I'm pretty sure everyone who even submitted their information "won" the same deal. I won't let them con me... but i thought it might broaden my knowledge on such things! :)

Also, I really really want my teeth whitened.'
But enough of this materialistic crap.



Jenny Lee said...

i'm going too for laser hair removal haha :)

April said...

you are not an ugly duckling my sweetie!!! But that totally sounds like something i would do...and I'm with you on the teeth whitening :)

Sandra and/or Kevin said...

I'm still saving for laser hair removal on my legs. My midlife dream...never to shave my legs again!!