Friday, September 05, 2008

Love what you do. Do what you love.

I've always LOVED crafts. I mean ALWAYS. My siblings and I were raised to appreciate the arts. I love musicals, museums, and architecture. I've never been a Monet or danced on broadway, but I have always loved creating things. I've painted (as a child), gone through a jewelry-making phase, learn to sew (more or less), learned to knit, cross-stitch (barely), and so on... But I'll tell ya what-- In the last 6 months, my skills have been on fiiiiiire... if I'm aloud to say that. I LOVE scrap booking, card-making, folding/making pretty envelopes, and anything else that includes pretty paper and embellishments!

Since I'm out of things to add to Jed's scrapbook until he sends me more pictures (which will probably never happen)... I'm moved on to smaller but just as fulfilling projects. Jed's birthday is on Monday the 8th, so I've been preparing for it mentally and decided to send it in an amazing box. The present itself included some ties he asked for, cake mix, frosting, candles, a balloon, and an awesome homemade 12x12 card. I like the box better than all of that. Check it out!

Notice the names. I make myself laugh.

"Happy Happy Birthday Elder Young. Happy days will come to you all year. If I had a wish then it would be. A happy happy birthday to you from me!"

"Ever the Best of Friends"


I always put my hand print or hand outline on the boxes I send.

Pretty cute, huh? I mean seriously. This was like... a 4 night projects. Ok.. 2 nights.

Now, last night I had finished and shipped off the birthday present, cleaned my room, done laundry, done homework, cooked dinner, and turned in my apartment paperwork, sooo.. what did I do!? MORE CRAFTS! Look at this cute mailbox I made for under $3! It's where we'll put the mail once we bring it in from the outside box.

The Full Effect

Close-up. Do ya, thang, girl!
I Love it. Yes, it's glittery pink and zebra! I'm keeping it until I'm 97!

Now, after a lot of work, this is what our apartment main room looks like!

Pictures of Jed. Pictures of my Sibs!

We LOVE Jesus!

School Spirit-- Rockin' these from my Dad's childhood!

Audrey and 70's light fixture.

Books, Movies, etc...

Love the college student Adrianne. I don't shower. apparently.

Well! That's the update! Enjoi!


Maggie said...

CUTE gf!!!! you're apartment is looking MUCH better. I'm so impressed!

Bonnie said...

Aw I love it!

April said...

You are too freakin' cute. I want a zebra, pink and glittery mail box. Cheers!

Jamilyn said...

Your life is freakin' adorable. Seriously everything you do is cute. Teach me of your ways!!

Jordan said...

WOW! That Jed gift is incredible. I believe you get your artistic talents from your oldest sister. Ha-Ha! Your apartment looks really fun! Enjoy your new classes and Happy Birthday to Jed next week!

Kristen said...

Hey Adrianne, thanks for your comment on my blog.
I am doing great. It's so much fun checking your blog, Maggie's Blog, and Jordan' need to get Bremen to do a blog. I haven't seen him since before his mission. It's been forever.
Have fun in school. I like your apartment. We had an Audrey Hepburn poster in our living room. Funny.

The Wettstein Family said...

You must be the best girlfriend ever. Sheesh! You are so creative. I would've never thought to do something like that. He's going to love it! Plus, the handprint idea is the cutest thing I've ever heard of. Hope to see you soon! Loves!

Pope Family said...

You are amazingly talented!!! I've always been impressed with you, but I've got to say you got some serious skills girl!! Love it all!!


That is the fanciest box I have ever seen! He will love it. Did you know the famdamily gathering in SLC in October has been cancelled? They just told me and I am really sad. :(