Thursday, October 23, 2008

WOW, you're good!

Well folks, I'm afraid this post won't be as witty and hilariously entertaining as you're used to, but I figured I should write a small piece on my trip home!

My trip home surpassed all expectations! Here are some highlights!
--Airport (kiss within the first 30 seconds)
--IHOP and new Italian leather Book of Mormon (thanks, love-- still smelling it)
--Talking through the nights
--Going to Momma's farm

(not a huge fan of animals, myself)
--Going shopping with my jeddybear
--Visiting friends
--telling stories and falling asleep halfway through.. then waking up and not being able to finish them
--roadtrip to St. Louis
--Temple with my BFF Sarah and her Nathan


--The City Museum

--Driving Home
--Maple Leaf Festival with the Youngs
--PIZZA shuttle triple date (quadruple date if you count zachary and karolina as a couple)

--Jed's homecoming talk ("2 months")
--Family dinner with the Youngs
--Conversations turning to Jed and Adrianne
--Long talks and pros/cons lists
--long walk
--and knowing I'll see Just Jed again soon! (he's moving here on Tuesday)

Pretty much the best weekend of my life! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll probably be posting a lot of my wedding ideas and things on here (along with keeping tabs on my life) so my future family and faraway friends can know how awesome it's going to be! Love you all!


The Wettstein Family said...

So, when is the wedding?!!

Austin and Dawn said...

ahh you went to maple leaf in carthage?

that's where austin is from :) and i was sad i couldn't go this year

SwEaRiKa said...

So happy for you guys; I have been giddy ALL WEEK!!! Come visit soon!

April said...

i am so excited!!! cannot wait.
maybe I'll buy cranium for a wedding gift. ha ha ha

Andrea & Bo said...

He's moving out there soon! What..
you better call me SOON!!! my dear.