Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meet my Boyfriend, Just Jed

About two years ago, I received my first letter from Elder Young. He was in the MTC and told me that he wanted to focus 100% on the work, so he wanted me to know that he loved me and wanted to be with me once he came home (which btw, seemed an eternity away), but from then on his letters would be strictly "business."



I cried and cried and cried. I don't even know why. But BOY, did I cry a lot that week. Well, from time to time his letters would linger away from "business" and he would fill my mind and heart with hopes about our future.

That future is finally here. Two years later and everything is exactly the same... except everything is different too. Elder Young has morphed into this hilariously awkward character I like to call "Just Jed."

Just Jed has a lot of the same characteristics of Elder Young. They're pretty much the same person even. It's just that Just Jed and I can be together, whereas Elder Young and I could only dream of being together.

I just got off the phone with Just Jed... and I can't even begin to tell you how amazing his laugh is. I love making him laugh. It's so easy. I basically just answer the phone and we both laugh for the next hour or two.

Just Jed is suupper skinny and tall-- 6'3. If any of you know me, you KNOW I love em tall and skinny. He and Elder Young are totally like identical twins! Did i mention he's ridiculously handsome? Blue eyes anyone?

Just Jed 25 months ago

Elder Young

Just Jed is solid. My boyfriend can bring spirituality to any trying circumstance or sad story. Elder Young was like this too, and it's something I always loved, so I'm really glad that Just Jed does this too.

Just Jed does something that Elder Young never did. Just Jed says "I Love You" every single night. I say it back with every ounce of meaning my speech impedimented voice can muster without sounding totally weird. That's something I never said out loud to Elder Young either.

The funny thing is I just saw Elder Young a couple of days ago. We shook hands and made eye contact across the room, but I knew it could never work. Just Jed? Well, I haven't seen him since October 3, 2006, and even though it's been ages, literally, I know it will work. It is working.

And he makes me


happy happy.


livestronggirl06 said...

pretty sure you and "Just Jed" are like my Idol couple. seriously!! :)
Love you two!!!! yay!


Cassee said...

aw, you made me all teary-eyed :)

Bench said...

Good to met your boyfriend sounds like a good guy!

Lindsay Anne said...

awwww i love Just Jed and adrianneeee!

JeRiCa said...

Sweetest thing I have EVER seen.

Bonnie said...

Witty! Clever! The epitome of the perfect blog post!

Nikki said...

LOVE YOU TWO! Love this blog! Love you Adrianne and I'm excited for your future with just Jed.
ps did you get my text from this morning?
pps three cheers for a more excellent way!!!

Anhiel said...

woo :)

Anonymous said...

this post makes me that happiest ever!


love sarah

April said...

awww, he said he loved you? how cute!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!! though it will probably be thursday since you are getting in so stinkin' late...
don't forget...
make up for lost time.
muha ha hah ah ha...

Jordan said...

Awwwww...the part about saying "I Love you" completely melted me and my heart did flip flops. It's so sweet. Hope you're enjoying every second with Just Jed!