Sunday, December 28, 2008


And a very good Christmas it was! While Maggs and I got a little too good at talking in babytalk, Jedders and little Trevan became best friends. I ate waaayyy too much, and got a little sore playing wii. I made a fabo apple pie, while Joyge provided the best honey-baked ham everrrr (and cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, and nom-noms).
Jed and I faired pretty well in the gift dept. I got him the new Cranium (WOW-- best game everr). He also got his wedding band! I got some yum-yum chocolates and drumroll..
With my NEW name on them! From Jedders. They're beautiful (considering my current scriptures are from my baptism when I was 8 years old... and the binding has totally come undone.... and the pages are ripping out... and they're just totally ready to be retired). SO yes.. beautiful new scriptures sporting the name "Adrianne Jayne Young." I SERIOUSLY almost cried. Seriously.
We also got some fun gifts from family-- including mexican dominoes, giftcard, pretty "family" picture frame, and tonzzzz more! Thanks everyone for the awesome gifts and great presents!

We did, however, miss Bremen and Suzanne and are glad to have them back in town tomorrrrow!

Another Fabulous Christmas at the McClellan home!

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Andrea & Bo said...

Yay for new scriptures, I recieved those our first christmas being married. It's great :)!

Oh... I hope everything was absolutely awesome, after you have sometime to take it all in and get settled into life, give me a call.