Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fashion Show-- Boy style!

My favorite boys in all the world!

Me and my loyal dalmatian, Trevan.

Ninja turtle goes Pirate
Mass chaos-- 2 ninja turtles, a pirate, BATMAN, and the head of a dalmatian.


That's right.

seriously-- i must be the best babysitter everrrr!


Jamilyn said...

Jed in that turtle costume just made my entire day. What a goof! Looks like you guys have so much amazing fun together and I love it. Love you giiiiirl!

Jody Nicole said...

arianne, way funny! just a question about yours and jeds "I (heart)" shirts. are they just iron ons, or an actual t shirt press thing?

Lindsay Anne said...

BAHAHA Jed totally ROCKS the ninja turtle costume.

April said...

Bwah hahahaha...

Jed...turtle...too funny