Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random tid-bits of ME

1. I sleep on the left side of the bed.
2. My birthday is on Valentine's day, and I love it!

3. Thus, hearts are my signature symbol.
4. I was in the gifted learning program at school while I was growing up.
5. I'm still obsessed with weddings. obsessed.
6. I love, with every inch of my soul, my 3 adorable nephews!!! They brighten my life beyond words (also because being with them means I'm with my amazing older sister Jordan).

7. I wear Ralph Lauren's "Romance" perfume. Excellent!

8. I have not scrapbooked for one second since Jedders came home from his mission.
9. I secretly hope for twins so I can name them Oliver and Olivia, but Jed would never have that!
10. I wish I still wore skinny jeans.
11. I love shoes. Unfortunately I haven't bought a new pair in about 4 months, and even those are ruined by now. (side note: anyone who knows me well, knows that I have heinously disgusting smelling feet. sorry!).
12. The best day of my entire life was my wedding day.

13. The second best day of my entire life was the day I went through the Temple for the first time.
14. is my favorite number.
15. A part of me wishes I could drop out of college and go into Aesthetics or hair school.
16. Another part of me wishes I were an amazing photographer.
17. I cannot wait to have a home of our own, so i can paint the walls, nail in nails, and put things wherever the heck I want them (and not have cinder block walls). I look at properties almost everyday online.

18. My left ring-toe was chopped off when I was 4ish. A trailer teetered on it, and it was dangling my a tiny piece of skin. Today, it is still there (due to stitched), but it is a tad deformed and reminds me of Penguin from the Batman movie.
19. I drive a periwinkle convertible. and I really want to sell it.

20. I love new adventures, but usually it takes a lot of persuasion to go through with it!
21. I was the student body treasurer by senior year of High school (after being on StuCo for 3 years), and I pretty much did nothing.
22. I love big cities, but I think I'd rather live in the country. (I went to NYC the summer after I graduated, and it was AMAZING! I can't wait to go back).
23. At least once a day, I start thinking about something fun I want to do with Maggie, and then I realize she's not here-- she's across the entire country.

24. I am allergic to Hawaiian punch!
25. aaaaaand doing dishes makes my back hurt sooooooooo bad!


The Wettstein Family said...

Holy Crap! I remember when that happened to your toe! That was traumatic!! How fun to learn more about you!!

JeRiCa said...

Hahaha how cute are you! I love this! I remember you telling me that you loved your cute little car... that may have been a while ago.

Dawn said...

we're so alike...
it's eerie