Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Havicans

How do I know their name? Only because of their parking spot name plate thing... but then again, ours says "Reserved for The Wulfs" so I could be totally wrong.

What I know about the Havicans:
They're Married
They drive a gold Echo
They reeeeallly don't like it when we park more than 2 feet close to our right yellow parking line (they're parking space hogs)-- trust me, we got a note.
The live at 280 E 500 N #3B
They leave every morning at 8 am (awkward... I do to)
They don't attend the Student/Married ward
About once a month, I see a huge load of groceries sitting on their front porch. Why? I don't know.. it may just be sitting there, right where they unloaded it... but i don't think so.
They don't have any children.

What I don't know about the Havicans:
Everything Else.

They probably hate us because:
We blast rock band until around midnight, quite often.
We blast Halo 3. (We have it hooked up to a huge stereo)
We blast movies alll the time
We park too close to the yellow line, "forcing" them to park on the street
We don't have a "wipe your paws" door mat.
I scream a lot-- when Jed chases me around the apt, trying to attack me. and during tickling attacks. and during games. and randomly.

Reasons why they probably like us:
Their apartment is decorated better than ours.

p.s. these are our only neighbors, in case you didn't gather.


Casi Bludorn said...

haha! I love that you have all this info on them. The people that lived above us at my place in provo were kind of like that. pretty sure they hated us.

Andrea said...

i'm pretty sure that is the best post i've read in a while!!
our old neighbors didn't like us either...i'll tell you why later!

Lindsay Anne said...

haha thats awesome! how come you didnt tell me about them at work?? you are supposed to tell me everything, remember? haha.