Wednesday, May 13, 2009

100th Post!

WOOOooo Hoooooo!

I was casually about to begin a post about a book I just read, when I realized.. this post is number 100! Now, what can I do to celebrate?

Do 100 crunches?
Eat 100 chocolates?
Look at 100 job postings?
Drive 100 miles?
Watch T.V. for 100 minutes?


I think just the satisfaction of knowing I have 100 posts celebrating life, loss, love, and laughter is enough. Here's to another 100!


Nikki said...

love you... want to know something? I won't see you until James is home...weird. I'm going home fall semester and you're gone spring and summer!

Pearson Tribe said...

Hope all is well....took bridals the other day and thought about ya!

Lacey said...

Adrianne you rock. I love you..