Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Wow! This place is great! While the city is a little on the older side, it has a lot of charm and character. Everything here is about relaxing, smiling, and enjoying life... it's the "small-town feel in a big city" type of area. The country here is beautiful, a lot like my green home of Missouri. Everyone has a thick accent that is completely contagious. I have a feeling we live kind of close to the run-down.. "Bannister Mall" area... if you know what I mean, but our actualy area is really great. We live right next to a Kroger grocery store, Walmart, and Kohl's... It's nice. At the same time, our apartment is in the very back of the last building of the complex, backed up to a big green field. It's so refreshing to open the blinds and know that no one can see in! Our apartment is a billion times nicer than our Provo apt.-- complete with a dishwasher and the coming soon attraction-- washer and dryer. Our complex has a basketball court, tennis court, swimming pool, nice clubhouse, and "state of the art workout facility".. aka 4 small workout machines. haha! The best part? Jessica and Swede (Jed's close cousin and his wife who is the same age as me) live right across the walkway.. our apartments actually touch. It's really fabulous!
Swede is really helping Jed learn the ropes of selling. They study each morning and revel in their glories together. I know Jed would be miserable without Swede around. Jessica keeps me sane by connecting me to the wives' club, showing me around town, hanging out with me all day, and helping me out with basically whatever I need. It's been really fun getting to know her better. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for her, she just got a second job as a Horse Carriage driver in downtown luhhval. Coolest job Everrrr... next to mine of course...
When first arriving here, I was a little afraid. It was weird knowing that I wasn't in the land of the Mormons anymore... but now, it totally reminds me of my love for Missouri, and I am so happy to be here.
So the biggest event in the Universe, aka the Derby, took place on Saturday (and the two weeks preceding). I guess they do all kinds of fun events for two weeks-- concerts, chow wagon, racing, fireworks, etc...-- but I only made it to the Parade.
It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. So many ghetto people were lining the streets watching these ridiculously crazy floats, horses, horses, and more horses. Here is a little snack for your enjoyment.

Craaaazy pirates!

Seriously... look at that mermaid's outfit. Yuck..! And the crab/lobster on the back of the float makes me laugh sooo much!

Ok... this guy was dancing so sexxy-- disturbing!

Let's get CRUNK!

These little guys were our friends through the whole thing. The little one in orange kept eating cheetos off the street. Hahaha!

More horses! (I have a million horse pictures)


These animal things were dancing like weirdos. Air was blowing through their costumes making them vibrate and waddle. Very cute!

Me and Jessica!
Pictures of the apartment and new life soon to come.. plus news on my new job!


Jody Nicole said...

k, your hair is so beautiful. sounds like an AWESOME place. i seriously cannot wait for derrik to get home so we can go back. i love the adventure that you get to go on with your lovely jed! how fun! those little black kids are so PRESH!!!

Maggie said...

K all I had to do was read the title for this blog post and I was already cracking up at work!

I can just here you saying, "Luuh-vah"

I wanna hear about the J-O-B

Evelyn said...

That is so great. it sounds like you are really keeping busy, getting involved and making it home. What an awesome experience!

Marie said...

Looks like a fun time! I'd really like to try living outside of Utah sometime. Maybe we'll get out of here...

Kristen said...

Adrianne, my husband's brother lives in Louisville. I have no idea where...but small world.

TPlayer said...

I just wanted to express appreciation for the Bannister Mall shout out... I totally had a visual!

Pearson Tribe said...

LOVE YOUR NEW HAIRCUT! I can't believe you moved....like happnes too fast. You're beautiful....miss your face!

Andrea said...

3 posts in one day. Quite the accomplishment don't you think??
So what job do you have out there huh?

Megan said...

I love how you say Kentucky accents are contagious. Whenever I'm at the Y i lose it, then when I talk to somebody from back home on the phone it comes back out of no where.

Please say you are able to say Louisville (luuh-vuhll) correctly! It sort of sounds like you are about to puke.