Friday, August 14, 2009

20 and a HALF, Thank You!

You got it. Today is my HALF birthday!

Jed says half birthdays aren't worth celebrating, but Helloooooo! Why not? I'll take any opportunity to celebrate anything!

I think I'm the only one who remembered, which is definitely expected... though I have gotten calls from my Grandma who has an impeccable memory before! I guess she has other things on her mind today with over 100 grandchildren and a MAJOR family reunion coming up next week. Haha...

I feel like I just had my birthday! Hopefully the next 6 months go by equally as fast.

Jed's birthday is in less than a month. I have to figure out a way to scrape up some money to get him a nice gift. He sure deserves it!

Here's to being 20... and a half!


Casi Bludorn said...

I love half birthdays! Why don't people celebrate them more?

Bonnie said...

You're a brunnette again!!!!