Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to life.. back to reality..... (science rules)

Farewell Kentucky...

... I hope I never have to live in you again!

(Jed really isn't sad... Promise!)

I LOVE St. Louis

But I love Andrea and baby Maggie more!

This is Jed by the house his dad is building!

This is what you see from the front porch!

This is the house! I can't wait to visit it when it's finished!

Wow.... I can't even imagine the vehicle that rolls on these things!

................. and Jed popped the vein in his wrist. Ease up on the slam dunks, honey!

Back to normal life!


Jody Nicole said...

i want to go to kentucky so bad! i'm glad that you are back to where you love though!!

Anonymous said...

looks like a fun roadtrip back! are you glad to be back in Provo? I definitely miss it.