Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update, Young Lovin' Style

Well, it has been a while since I posted any kind of real update. I always appreciate when others do so... so here we go.

Jedders and I are living in the same grundgy, cinder-block chic, dirt cheap (but... not really), apt as we did before. We're not entirely settled in yet, seeing as half of our belongings are at Jordan's (Thanks Jorge)! I have every motivation in the world to paint furniture, make wall hangings, decorate to the max... but we are broke.

Which brings me to my next point. We have recently had the terror of going through multiple car repairs on our baby-- the jeep. While it is completely disheartening, the show must go on. Because of this-- and a couple of other unforseen expenses-- we are living the life of careful planning, and scrimping and saving! (Which of course, all married people do...)

As far a church goes, we are SOOOOOOO thrilled to be back in our ward. It is a big breath of fresh air to be out of the crazytown branch we were blessed to attend in KY. We have been called to teach one of the Strenghtening Marriage and Family classes. It is really a LOT of fun! We taught our first class on Sunday, and everything went very well! (Did I mention we are in the smallest classroom in the whole builing? Only 4 couples can fit in there with us!)

School is going great! So far, Jed and I are both getting all of our studying and homework done on time! We both love most of our classes, and Jed found the major for him-- Wildlife and Wetlands Conservation. There are countless careers in this line, and Jed fantasizes about them all! School really is much more enjoyable once you've found a major you love. Also, Jed just aced his first test with a 95%, while the highest in the class was a 96% (physical science... YUCK)! Good Job, Hon!

I am stiiiiiiill at Mail Services, but would love to find something in my field of recreation management (and I alway have one eye wandering). Jed was working the worst job on the planet completing surveys over the phone. He hated every second, and they would often call several times a week telling him not to come in at all (last week, it was every day). So, on Thursday, he saw a job posting at BYU and responded to it. Today he started! He is working as a delivery truck driver on campus, taking all of the necessary freight from the Queen Bee's lair to the rest of campus! (Those styrofoam cups you drink from at football games-- Jed. Snacks out of the vending machines-- Jed... He's kiiind of important, ya know).

So life is always surprising us, and we're grateful for it! Thanks for stopping in, and know that we love you!


The Wettstein Family said...

Ah, that sounds all too familiar. The life of newly weds going to school.
Matt drove the shuttles on campus and I HATED my job as an assistant secretary. Still, I look back at those times with fondness. Now that your car is fixed, come see us. We'll feed you. ;)

SwEaRiKa said...

Yay for updates and congrats to Jedder on getting the job! Now you have your own ho ho man! :) Sorry about the Jeep :( WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

Bonnie said...

Updates! yay! once you see my crapshack of an apartment, you will be begging me to move out so you can take it. trust me. ahaha.

Nikki said...

JED GOT A 95% ON A PHYSICAL SCIENCE TEST. He's a genius. The end. That class is hard and stupid.