Friday, February 19, 2010


So yesterday, I was listening to the radio during my long commute to work (like 5 min) and the show was asking people to call in about the weird things they do that might cause them to be considered crazy. After the person calling in would share their story, the radio people would play this song. It was making me laugh. Anyway, it got me thinking... what do I do that makes me sound crazy?

1. I know everyone knows this, but I swish my feet so bad every night while in bed trying to fall asleep. It seriously annoys Jed, and it has sent both of us to the couch a time or two (so Jed could sleep). I don't know how it started or where it came from, but I've been doing it since forever, so I think it has something to do with the womb.

2. Maybe this is kind of normal, but when I get an exciting idea... I spend hours awake at night thinking about it. The other day, I was thinking about something really exciting that I wanted to do, and I could not fall asleep until like 2am (and I went to bed at 11:30). This happened a lot during the Christmas season when I would finally think of the perfect gift for someone (=no sleep). I think it's crazy.

3. I hold my pencils weird. My dad used to always tell me I held writing things wrong, and I'd buy those finger-placer pad things your slide onto your pencil, but it didn't help. I still hold things like a weirdo. (the pencil is balanced between the two upper nuckles on my middle finger and the spot in-between my thumb and pointer... does that make sense)?

4. I talk to myself when I'm alone.

5. I can control my dreams.

Ok... so maybe those aren't THAT crazy, but I want to know what you do! So.... what makes you crazy?


Desiree M. said...

my mom and sister both swish their feet trying to fall asleep, they once shared a bed on a vacation and thats how they discovered they both do that and most people in my immediate family can control their dreams...i talk to myself and trees and walls and most anything that can't talk back. i also make a point to touch all the plants i walk by.

Adrienne said...

I hold my pencil wrong too! In first grade my teacher said my handwriting was really bad and so they figured it was because I was holding it wrong. I had to get those pencil grips too.

Casi Bludorn said...

Was that the Kidd Kratic show? I've heard them do that sketch before. One of the hosts, JC, said he pees in old plastic bottles like from soda. THAT was crazy.

I control my dreams too. Also, I HATE the sound of silverware touching plates, other silverware, or teeth. and I can't take the first chomp into apples. I just don't know where to start. I hate it.

Jenny Lee said...

i used to hold my pencils like that and my dad asked me who taught me how to write. so he made me practice.

Andrea said...

Kiss FM?
Gotta love it.
OH andddd
I swish my feet too!

Maggie said...

This post had me laughing out loud at work today! Um. embarrassing.

Never give Adrianne swishy pants and try to sleep in the same bed with her. You won't sleep at all.

Bonnie said...

Hahah! Crack me up!

When I sleep I have to think about every part of my body, my toes, my shoulders, my elbows, my neck, my lower back, and I have to get everything comfortable or I cannnoooot sleep! It takes me half an hour to get it all right. I'm always pushing and pulling aaron now to get him right, too :)

Lindsay Anne said...

I seriously grew UP listening to Kidd Kraddick. Thats the morning show you were listening to, because they've done that bit for years. I seriously feel like Kidd, Kellie, Big Al and JC are my friends....but they actually aren't. Haha.

We've talked about this before, but I totally talk to myself when I'm by myself. and practice conversations that I'm going to have. Haha.

But the swishing your feet thing...thats funny, and makes you a little bit crazy.

Aaron said...
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