Thursday, February 11, 2010

excuse me...

for venting again.

I feel like society values busyness. Being busy shows that you are important. You have things to do. People rely on you.
When I was single, I'd stay home sometimes on the weekends just to be alone. Everyone thought I was crazy for leaving my Friday nights open.
Think about it... people WANT to be busy. People like feeling like they have places to go and people to see.

These last couple of weeks have been the busiest since my high school days (I used to wake up at 4am, go to swim practice, go to seminary at 5, go to school from 7:15-2:15, go to swim practice until 4:30, go to work from 5-10:30, do homework. Go to bed after midnight). Jed and I have only spent like 3 out of 14 evenings together. Luckily, we do get an hour lunch together everyday, but usually we're making lunch, studying, and watching one of our many TV shows during that time.

Ok. So my point is, I'm busy. REALLY busy. And I don't even need to go into everything I'm doing because I already have on here, but the fact is... I don't like it. I don't like running from place to place, thinking about the entire day ahead when I wake up, and I really hate planning (as in writing in my planner) every hour of the evening and how/when I will get my homework and studying done.

While each of my activities bring a certain "thing"-- a "good thing"-- to my life, I would gladly sit at home with the hubs every night and have no life.


Aimee said...

Believe me, I would too. No life with hubby sounds great. It seems that Jared and I are always running around, never having time for anything. At night when the day ends and we're in bed, I tell him that it's my favorite time of the day cause I can just relax.

The Wettstein Family said...

I know! How come people who aren't "busy" are considered "lazy"? I don't get it. In many countries people take the time to enjoy life and only work because it's necessary. Geez! I'd much rather sit at home with a good book then have my planner full of things to do.

acwilliams said...

Hey Adrianne! Hope you see this, I wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it's great.

Sarah said...

I SO agree! I'd much rather do nothing with Nathan than go out and do something all the time.
I hate how busy I am lately. It drives me insane! I feel like I don't even have time to breathe sometimes!
We can do it!
Love you!