Wednesday, March 17, 2010


--Jed and I went and Saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It was great! I definitely want to see it again! The costumes were my favorite part... besides having to only play $5 for both of us (Jed got a gift card from his new job).

--After 3 long weeks of roller coaster, our offer on a Provo Condo was approved, so we're moving forward with trying to buy our own place.

--I forgot it was St. Patrick's day today.

--I rocked my Humanities test on Saturday. I studied for literally 5 hours straight (and by rocked, I mean didn't fail).

--I have a phone again, and it makes life much easier. My new number is 801 857 5152.

--I am doing a biggest loser competition with my friends, but so far, all I've done differently is eat apples and oranges instead of junk. And I've been eating breakfast. I'm not going to win.

--I have watched several documentaries on netflix-- Medal of Honor (excellent), Jesus Camp (and people think mormons are crazy?), and No Impact Man (made me want to be more "green"). I suggest them all, especially Medal of Honor and Jesus Camp.


Marie said...

Good luck with the condo! I always wanted to buy our own place in Provo/Orem, but with grad school looming ahead, we knew we couldn't be stuck with it later. It'll be a great feeling when we finally can get our own place!

acwilliams said...

So funny! And hooray on the going forward with your new place!