Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Every now and then, time stands still for me, and I think about the many people I love.

Here are a list of people I wish I could see, hug, and talk to face to face. right now.

Casi Bludorn
Andrea Olsen
Sarah Foster
Daniel Britt (just got home from his mission last week)

(Don't tell DBritt I told you that)


Casi Bludorn said...

I look disgusting in the picture, but.. I miss you too! We'll have to start chatting more when both of us are at work!

kaylie jean. said...

Wait, he's home??!?!

I won't tell him you told you. But I'm still going to freak out on his facebook or something.

Andrea said...

I would give you loads of hugs too! (so would maggie..she loves hugs!)
We just hope to
see- YOU SOMETime in the next year |(Sorry this is all messed up..Mags li\kes to play on the computer while I try to type)

Sarah said...

I'm fat.
Buuuut I love you sooo much! and I really miss you!!!!