Monday, June 14, 2010

My least favorite thing

in the entire universe is:

Throwing up.

I hate it. About 3 years ago, I got so sick. I threw up 11 times in 11 hours. Every hour, on the dot. It was my Hell on Earth.

Yesterday, I threw up 8 times in about 4 hours (one of which was on the side of the freeway while getting a ride home from my sister's house). Today I took off work, so my body can get some rest. My throat, chest, and back are sore from dry heaving.

My mouth gets watery. And once it starts, I just start crying. It is the most miserable moment of my life. Then my body does its thing, and I am fine again... until 30 minutes later, then it happens again. Honest to goodness... I hate it.


Marie said...

It sounds like that's been going around. Some of my co-workers have mentioned it. Get feeling better!

Casi Bludorn said...

Hope you feel better soon. Throwing up makes me cry too, it's awful!

Sarah said...

I HATE the mouth watering before throwing up.
I think it's worse than the actually throwing up.
Hope you feel better soon! love you!

Leanna Wagstaff said...

girllll that is freakin nuts!!! what the heck is it from?? i didn't think it was possible to throw up that often. now that i think about it, i haven't thrown up since i was in 3rd grade.. im pretty sure. knock on wood.

misss u

Annika said...

Me too. I would rather lay in bed with that stomach ache for days, than throw up. I hope it's soon to being over soon!!

Lindsay Anne said...

oh dear!!! I'm so sorry! I also...hate..hate....hate throwing up. I don't remember the last time I threw up.