Friday, June 04, 2010

Personal History #2

Last night while laying in bed, I started thinking about a particular experience I had once. It was funny, then mortifying, and now it's funny again. Hilarious.

Meet Casandra Autumn Suzanne Eyerly, aka Casi. She moved into my ward sometime between 1st and 3rd grade. I don't know how long it took for us to become friends, but it happened. I'll be brutally honest... we've been through a lot, but we never talk about it. I was kind of a horrible friend to Casi in middle school. Unfortunately, I always struggled with balancing my school and church friends, and sometimes, Casi suffered the consequences. Sometimes, I remember that version of me, and I shutter. What did Casi even see in me? Nonetheless, as high school progressed, we became closer. And even though she lives hundreds of miles away today, we are still best friends. And while we may not talk every day, or week, or even month, when we do talk, it's as though no time has passed at all. That is true friendship.
Sidenote: As time progresses, I realize that for the most time, school friends drift apart-- almost instantly. It's church friends that last a lifetime.
Anyway, Casi and I were ingenious. We spent many nights playing mash, we built Popsicle stick creations and tried and failed to sell them. We spent many hours pondering on how to annoy her crabby old lady neighbor. We were the queens of late night TV... and Saturday morning cartoons. Casi was the one who taught me that 11 times any number 9 and under is just the number double. She also taught me a trick with the 9 times table.
Casi is smart. She was in the challenge program in elementary school (and middle). Once, I lied to her and told her I started going to challenge too (and eventually, i really did). I also lied that I had a broken ankle and crutches. But she figured out my secret pretty quickly... i switched my limp pretty often.
Anyway, one weekend her parents were gone for awhile, so Casi and her little sister Kadi came to spend a day with us. We were probably under 10... We were in the bathroom playing-- I dunno... maybe splashing around with Barbie. So, we're playing and perhaps my mom called us, because we tried to open the door.

It wouldn't open.

Instant panic set in. I did the whole jiggle the knob. It wouldn't open. I locked it, unlocked it. I had no clue what to do. I guess I calmed down for a second because Casi and Kadi didn't seem as freaked as I was.Before I knew it, My mom had jimmied the door knob off, thinking that would allow the door to open.

it didn't.

So, my mom called a retired firefighter to come rescue us. What I didn't know at the time, was that he was retired. In my mind, there were countless fire trucks, ambulances, and squad cars wailing towards my house. Mortifying.

Before they got there, my mom brought us some pieces of bread, small jars of jelly, and a knife. She passed them through the small circular hole, feeding my dramatic soul instead of my hungry belly. I can see her sitting on the other side of the door, smiling at our silliness and thinking she was making this fun for us.

On the other side, we were huddled together on the verge of tears, thinking if we needed this bread and jam, we are going to be here for a long time. Traumatic.

Before long, the retired firefighter jiggled a mechanism, and we were out. Free as little birds. Just like that.

For some reason, I was under the impression that someone might report this to the person who writes the ward newsletter every Sunday. I was terrified. TERRIFIED. People would find out. Why was I so nervous?

I'm not sure the lasting impression this experience had on my life, will have on my life. But as I layed in bed last night, thinking of Casi, thinking of this story... I laughed. out loud. This was just so bizarre.


acwilliams said...

that's such a funny story! I had that happen to me once, I got locked in a little half bathroom while my mom was on the other side thinking it was so funny. So not funny. I hope you guys are doing well! Who am I going to watch Kate plus 8 with? :)

Casi Bludorn said...

Bahaha! I laughed so hard remembering this story. Your Mom feeding us bread and jam through the hole made it seem so much more dramatic like there was a possibility we would NEVER get out and bread and jam was all we would ever have to eat! Ha. I am so glad I could make it into your personal history.

And also, please forget about middle school. The fact that we're still friends this many years later proves that you didn't do anything that terrible and I'm over it. And really, I was a weirdo in middle school. I won't even look at my pictures from then.. I was weird. ha. Can we please hang out soon. I could really use some girl friend time!

Jenny Lee said...

ok, so i have to say, this happened to my cousin and me too. except, the door wasn't really stuck we were just stupid and pushed instead of pulled, and it was in a shed. no one knew we were in there, and we sat in there, with my grandma's cat for a good hour or so. thought i was going to die. then, my grandpa pulled up in his car and came out to work in the shed. tada the door opened. its so funny what can go on in dramatic little preteen minds. haha