Sunday, August 15, 2010

Favorite and Least Favorite song!

My least favorite song is EASY!

Seal- Kiss from a Rose

This song played ALL DAY every day at Super Splash, the neighborhood water park I spent all my summers as a kid. UGH! (But the music video makes me like it more... darn)

Favorite Song is a little harder, there are tons that I like! I like all genres, so it's hard to pick one favorite, so I will post a few that I think I could listen to allll day long! These songs make my heart swell.

Beatles-- Blackbird. From my fav Beatles song (one of my favorite bands ever), and my favorite movie!

LOVE Destiny's Child and the beautiful acoustic in this song. Emotions.

I guess I am depressing because all of the songs that come to mind are slow.. and maybe a little sad. I like chill music, what can I say?
So here is one more. I don't care.. I LOVE Chris Brown. This is my fav song from his newest album. Crawl.


Bonnie said...

KIssssed by a rose ... duhfjeoaof? what are the words anyway?

Maggie said...

Kiss From a Rose = Super Splash