Sunday, September 19, 2010

My BFF's Bonnie and Kelly

A couple of weekends ago, Bon invited me to attend a private concert for her company at their annual conference in Salt Lake. Who was performing, you ask? None other than my good friend Kelly Clarkson. I did not hesitate for a second, but gratefully accepted the invitation!

We had a blast! At first we were sitting in the chairs at the back (it was a very small concert compared to a regular on-tour one... so even sitting in the back row of the chair section was super close), but her awesome music pumped us up more with each passing minute. We couldn't resist the draw the the stage, so we got up and made our way to about 15 feet from the stage. It was awwwwesome! We found some of her work friends, we were all singing and dancing and having a blast. It was definitely a night to remember. She, of course, sang our favorite songs-- Since you've been gone and My life would suck without you.

Here are a few of our silly pictures from the evening!

Thanks Bon, for the awesome girls's night!

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