Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is me

It's hard to find a picture that shows the core of who I am. I like to believe I'm pretty versatile... pretty dimensional and maybe even complicated (sometimes I can't even figure myself out). But this picture is a pretty good representation of me, or things that make me who I am.
1) This was taken on Valentine's day
2) I love candy
3) I pretty much wear black 90% of the time
4) My chin is one of my most dominant features. It sticks out... a lot.
5) I have always been told that I make crazy faces and use facial expressions to show how I am feeling or what I'm thinking. This says, "Life is so great, I could just faint!"... or something like that!

Yup, this picture says a lot about me! (Don't ya just love my dark hair!?)


Andrea said...

I love you in general...and totally wish you lived closer.
Hurry up and graduate and move back.
Now please.

Ashley said...

I love reading your blog. :) This is a great picture. Continue to love life...I think that is your best quality. :)