Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have accepted an amazing internship at

The Living Planet Aquarium!!!

I will be the Field Program Coordinator. This is an awesome position where I will get to do all of the following:

Plan fun and educational events for all ages
Do lots of service projects that improve the environment
Plan and execute all of these exciting events
Lead groups in insect collection adventures
Work with all current and future volunteers
Recruit more volunteers
Improve risk management plans
Organize and create a database for all volunteers, sponsors, and events

I am really excited and look forward to working with families and kids. I think I will learn a lot and finish with a deeper appreciation for the Earth, its animals, and also improved skills in my area of study!

Here are the detes:
I will start immediately, and work only 10-15 hrs a week until September (I need 400 hours for my credit, but I will probably end up doing more). This is great because I will still be able to work a part-time job, so I can still make an income.
I will probably ask a lot of you to come and participate, if you want/have time.
This means I get to walk in April and officially graduate in August!

I am so grateful and excited!


B said...


Nik and Dawna said...

Hey! None of this ANNOUNCING crap until you get pregnant! You trick us, or at least me, and I get my hopes up! But congrats on the job. That place is pretty cool.

kaylie jean. said...


congrats girlfriend!

Godfrey's said...

Congrats girl! This is exciting!

Jaclyn said...

That is fantastic. You'll have to let us know your hours so we can come sometime when you're there. We love that place.