Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Ridic Moment

I would never ever ever say that I am a great storyteller. In fact, I believe just the opposite. I am a terrible storyteller. BUT here's the problem... my life is filled with ridiculous moments, and I really wish I could tell them well.

I was talking to my sister Mags today, and I told her all about an interview I had for an internship yesterday. The interview went amazingly well.

But that wasn't the point.

She was laughing hysterically about a minor detail I shared.. another one of those ridiculous moments that makes me think God really has a sense of humor. It kind of made me feel good, so I thought I'd share it on here.

After about an hour of talking and filling out paperwork, my interviewer and I went into the administrative area so she could make a copy of my Driver's License for a background check.

No prob.

Except, I've been bragging to anyone who will listen about my amazing new wallet I got at Target for $5 a couple weeks ago.

Not bragging anymore.. I mean, the wallet is still awesome, but it totally betrayed me yesterday.

When she asked for my DL, I reached for my wallet and attempted to get it... chatting for a few minutes as a struggled to get it out of its tight little nook behind the clear, plastic window in my awesome new wallet.

A few minutes turned into 5. Which turned into nervous laughs.. and 5 more minutes.

"I'm so sorry," I said, "It's a new wallet, and a little tight. Wanna give it a whirl?"

So I passed it along... and she struggled... for another 10 minutes.

And eventually, we ended up in the maintenance workshop (behind a bunch of caged birds and fake coral) talking to an old man named Art as he scavenged for some pliers so he could reach into that tight little pocket and get my DL. He cursed the "husbandry" people for taking all his tools, but don't worry. Master craftsman Art got it out.

"You saved the day! Thanks Art," I said.... beet red, and super embarrassed.

My interviewer said, "Maybe someone was sending you a sign not to work here."

"I hope not! Sheesh!"

Seriously though... I hope not. Someone wouldn't NOT hire you because of something like this, would they?

Only me.

P.S. Remember those boots in my last post? I bought 'em... this morning! :)

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