Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I just love seeing everyone's blogs report on their amazing Valentine's day! It is honestly one of my favorite days of the year (if not my absolute favorite).

I had a plan to take a picture of every moment of the day, but I, of course, failed!

But Jed spoiled me as always, and the day went splendidly!

We started by sleeping in (Jed usually works from 6-9am, then again from 3-11pm, but he took the whole day off to hang out with me)! Then I woke up and got breakfast going (it's the only nice thing I can do for Jed on "My" day). And Jed helped! We made hash browns, crepes, and orange juice.

Next we exchanged V-Day gifts! Jed gave me a bag full of candy and a box of chocolates. I pretty much gave him the same. Then he gave me my new favorite movie "Life As We Know It" and a very generous gift card to Victoria's Secret for two (or more if I wait for a sale) new bras (I passed the point of "want" long ago... this is a NEED). It was just what I wanted!

Skip forward a few hours: We went to the mall and bought Jed a new wallet for his V-Day real present.

After breakfast, I got ready and we went to one of our favorite places-- the Provo Beach Resort. We bowled and played in the arcade. Once we cashed out our 1,000+ tickets, we headed to the mall, then got Frozen Yogurt! Yummm.

Jed dropped me off at work, where everyone was very nice. They sang to me like 5 times and I got lots of treats and some sweet cards!

A couple hours later, Jed came and got me and we went to my sisters for dinner! She made a wonderful gourmet dinner complete with chocolate covered strawberries! I got some more small presents, and we watched my new movie!

It was really a great day, and I felt super loved! I am so grateful for my husband and all of my family and friends who spoil me so much!


Casi Bludorn said...

I'm glad you had such a great day! You deserve it!

Hoggey Bears said...

Yay for new bras! haha