Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunshine in the Soul

Last night and today, Jed and I attended Stake Conference. To be honest, it kind of sneaked up on us... I remembered about 2 hours before it started, while I was running.

So anyway, I'm really glad that I remembered because it was very enjoyable! They talked a lot about the temple, coming to the rescue of others, and holding on when things get rough.

I love sitting with Jed at meetings because we are those really annoying people who whisper to each other from time to time. Or write notes.

and this was the highlight of the meeting:
me: "You're cute."
Jed: "Everyone will be jealous of me @ the nude beach because my wife is so hot!!!"

Oh wow! Thanks honey! Someone thinks I'm going to go to a nude beach with them.... and I have no intention of that happening.

Speaking of nude beach, I need a new swimsuit. I have been looking lots, and haven't found a TON, but I like a few. So where do you buy your swimsuit? I've looked at Kohl's, Target, Modbod, Shade (they don't have their collection up yet), and a few of the department stores. Got anywhere else that will lead me to the perfect swimsuit?


Marilee said...

Dillard's is my go to place.but they can be expensive so I wait till summer when they have their additional 40 percent off the sale price.i got an amazing 200 dollar suit for 25 bucks.

Casi Bludorn said...

I always love Target. Also, we're that annoying couple that tickles each other the whole meeting. I know everyone behind us hates us. lol

Dawn said...

lime ricki or something like that.
i got a cute one at ross two years ago and...lands end canvas line has super cute swim suits.

Kel said...

Lands End Catalog! They last forever, and they FIT.

Hoggey Bears said...

I've found some at Dillards and Macy's. Got lucky at TJ Maxx once. And honestly, I ordered my favorite tankini online from Victoria's Secret. And those are always on sale because no one buys them haha

Beth said...

I ordered one online from Hapari Swimwear in December. I found a promo code to use, but it was still a little much for me. Then Aaron went to Big5 sportswear and said they had a ton of ladies swimsuits. There's some options, have fun!!! I also suggest tanning before Hawaii. Aaron got burned, but I didn't!!!!