Sunday, March 20, 2011

Props to you.

I'm not trying to hate or anything, but....

I really never want to be a mom on campus who scrambles around trying to push a stroller through a crowd of a million freebie-loving, texting-addicted, wired-to-their-ipods, and not-looking-around-students (hey... I was one once too, minus the freebie-loving part). It's stressful enough trying to get around without the extra bulk of a stroller, baby, and a mary poppins bag that includes all of my stuff AND the hypothetical baby's. My nerves just cannot handle that kind of stress.

So it is extremely pleasing to know that I will be graduating before I have a child. THAT is a fact that can't be changed... unless some crazy coma comes over me and I am not able to finish my internship but somehow am able to get pregnant. or something weird like that. I never thought this would happen.

On the other hand, Jed might be in school some day when we have a child. And then I might try to visit him with our baby. But that is kind of annoying too... so I probably will only let Jed see our baby off-campus. Unless... it's a special occasion. Sorry HONEY.

Oh, and my husband is awwwwesome. And he bought me two purses and a jacket for under $30 yesterday. They are amazing. And he took me to see limitless, which was pretty good. And he and I substituted in Nursery today. It was beautiful. He LOVES little children.


Le Pamplemousse Rouge said...

Same here.. school was stressful enough as it is. I wouldn't have been able to handle school and a baby and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been a healthy situation. But my props go out to the moms that do! And Jared will most likely be in school with a baby as well ;) off-campus daddy.

Jaclyn said...

You crack me up. Glad you don't have to balance school and motherhood. Can't wait for you to graduate next month. One of the greatest feelings ever. I remember my freshman year some mom had to bring her baby to class one day. I talked to her later and found out she was married, full time student, mom and worked at McDonalds. I thought to, your life is HARD. I'm glad your life is a little easier.