Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hawaii's Scenery


Jed and I had a fabulous vacation to Hawaii. It was the first real vacation we've ever been on-- even the first time we've flown together. We left early Thursday May 5th, and got home a week later, late Thursday May 12th. It was a beautiful week, but I was ready to get back to all my responsibilities!

Instead of boring you all with a day by day rundown, I will just give brief overviews and highlight a few awesome things we did.

This first post is about Hawaii Scenery-- one of my very favorite parts of Oahu. Flowers were everywhere, everything was green. Trees, grasses, and bushes covered the land. The water was beautifully blue. The sand was different colors and textures on every beach. It did rain quite a bit while we were there, but the low-laying clouds looked so majestic sitting on the mountaintops. I loved it all!

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This collage includes Hanauma Bay, Chinaman's Hat, Diamond Head outlook, Plumerias, Hibiscus, Waimea Valley, pineapple fields, and several random beaches. Isn't it beautiful!?

One day, Jed and I found a beautiful beach on the East side of the island. Most beaches have slimy rocks along the bottom once you get a few feet in, but the beach we found that day was pure sand all the way in. I loved it. I would squish my toes in deep and not worry about a single slimy creature trying to attack me!

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