Friday, June 24, 2011

Bright and Sunny Disposition!

Today is going to be a long day, but it should be a good one. I've had too many bad long days lately. You know how it goes!

I keep telling myself that I'm not in school, so life is much easier than I'm used to, but really it's kind of harder. Many days I've been waking up at 5:45 and staying busy until 9 or 10 at night (as in getting home that late). I always have clothes and makeup in my car, ready for the next change I can't make at home.

BUT at the same time, I get to actually read books! Books that I enjoy reading! Books that I can leisurely stroll through.. instead of cramming 100 textbook pages into one night.

And I still get one or two naps a week.

But I never get to see my husband.

And summer is slipping away toooooo fast! I have so many things on my summer to-do list that I haven't even thought about doing yet. What are you hoping to do/accomplish before the summer is over?


Annika said...

I know what you mean!!! Working all day, every day, definitely makes summer slip right through your hands before you get a chance to do what you've been waiting for all winter.
I'm hoping to:
Go camping a few times.
Seven Peaks
and hike a lot!

Erika said...

So even though your summer is slipping away and you are super busy, do we still get to do a canning weekend? I have started reading my canning book and I'm getting ALL SORTS of excited! Don't you wish real jobs had summer break too.... for people besides teachers? :)

Lindsay Anne said...

Girl, I've been preaching this truth for awhile now. People always talk about being sooo lucky to be done with school w/o realizing that life somehow always finds a way to be hard and stressful. But good for you for being sunny and bright! I understand where you are coming from 100%. No time for anything. Really stresses out the marriage fo sho.