Monday, June 13, 2011

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was definitely a humbling experience! Before we met at the theater for our scheduled tour, we spent some time walking around the museums. The museums are put together so beautifully! I was so impressed. There was information about the US and Japan, and everything was very unbiased. The first museum was focused on like in each county before the attacks. I really liked seeing the comparisons between the Japanese army and the US army and every day lifestyles. The second museum was focused more on the attack. We read accounts and stories from those who survived, there were pieced from the ships, and artifacts from the people who live aboard them. It was really interesting to see.

Once it was time for our tour, we went to a theater and watched a film about Dec. 7, 1941. It was very moving, and I learned a lot. Mostly it was interesting to see how there were signs of an attack,  but they were all ignored.

Next, we boarded a ferry and went to the USS Arizona memorial. The water was pretty cloudy from all the rain, but you could still see parts of the ship below. It was very quiet and moving, and it was a reality check to see all of the names listed on a beautiful marble wall. I will always remember the feeling there.

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