Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My sweet husband has been asking me lately why I haven't been updating my blog. There are several reasons why I haven't, but more important than all of those is a reason why I should: Jed likes to read my blog posts. And I think that's pretty cute.

So, lately we've had a few exciting things going on. I've been working at my new job with doTERRA, which I love. Jed has been working hard at his job as a counselor at Heritage Schools. Our work shifts are pretty much opposite, so when we do see each other for more than 30 minutes a day (which hasn't happened often lately), we like to relax and watch movies or go to dinner. Jed has gone an a couple of weekend trips with his fam. Kev and Sandy came in town, and we all went to Lagoon with Adam and Erika and their fam. It was a blast!

Today I am feeling pretty sick. Besides cramp attack, I have a really hot/sore/itchy/sick throat and I am just a bit miserable at work.

It all started last night, and Jed was super sweet and brought me home FLOWERS! Half a dozen of beautiful, bright, and cheery Gerbera Daisies. It really cheered me up and helped me forget about my crampies. I split them in half and brought a little mason jar with some of the flowers to work so I could look at them all day. So glad I did, cause they are beautiful. Thanks Jedi!


Stephanie said...

Good to see you back Adrianne :)

Erika said...

I have missed your blogs! (I know, from the lame blogger known as Erika). Keep blogging and know that Horrace misses you! :)

Sarah said...

I love you and I also missed your blogs like crazy!