Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Wishes!

Wow, time sure flies! I'm already 32.5 weeks, which means our little one should be here within 2 months. Ah! We still have so much to do, but we are making progress.

I had a great weekend travelling to Star Valley, Wyoming and Idaho Falls. My awesome Sisters-in-law threw me a shower for Jed's side of the family. It was great getting to spend time with his relatives, and everyone is so nice. Here are some highlights of the weekend:

1) Talking for hours about pregnancy and childbirth with Erika and Carly, sharing my fears, and sharing too much information about all of the ways our bodies change during pregnancy

2) Eating tons of homemade snickers! (courtesy of Carly)

3) Visiting with Jed's (aka my) family

4) Opening all of Baby J's presents and imaging her enjoying all of them

5) Good Food

6) Square ice Cream

I know I look awful, but this is the end of a looooong day.

7) Erika bought an adorable cake for the shower, and she had each guest take a candle, say a wish for Baby J out loud, then place it in the cake. Once everyone had a turn, I made the final wish and got to blow out the candles. It was very touching to hear everyone's wishes for our girl.

8) Seeing my cute niece Taylor

9) Seeing a BFF Britt (since she now lives in Pocatello, so was close enough to attend the shower)

10) Coming home and seeing Jed


Casi Bludorn said...

I love the "best wishes" idea. So cute, I may have to steal it for this shower I'm planning.

PS you're the cutest pregnant person ever! Can't wait to meet baby girl!

Jaclyn said...

You are just about the cutest prego lady ever. I wished I looked as good as you do when I'm in my 3rd trimester. So stop harshing on yourself, you look beautiful. I can't wait to see you this weekend.