Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Juliet is 5 Months Old

Five months already!? Wow.. she is just growing so fast, and her new developments amaze me every day.

On 2/23/2013, Juliet turned five months! Here are her pictures:

At five months Juliet:
is starting to be mobile. She scoots and rotates around on her tummy.
is eating and loving rice cereal. I'm sure she is ready to expand her palette, but I am not there yet.
Smiles, laughs, sticks her tongue out, screams, and coos a lot.
Reaches, plays, and chews on everything.
is staring to teethe. We haven't seen anything pop through (or come close), but we think she is teething because she slobbers ridiculous amounts, is constantly chewing, is grinding her gums, and will get super fussy for a few days at a time. When this happens, we use teething tablets, Tylenol, and clove oil on her gums.
loves TV. I know, this is terrible. We try to keep her from watching it, but anytime it's on, she literally bends over backwards trying to watch it.
loves her exersaucer!
seems to demand to be held more and has a harder time going down for naps.
is cuter than ever!

Here is a picture from my Birthentine's celebrations. She sure is a cutie!

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