Monday, February 18, 2008

Well, I've been subjecting myself to almost constant nagging from Maggie for not blogging, so here we go...

As most of you know, I'm finishing up my first year here at BYU. I like it a lot, but after being here since last June I'm ready for a break this summer. So much routine has me looking for any excuse to mix things up. As luck would have it, my birthday was last week, and I sucked every amount of fun from it, creating a mass holiday called Bithentine's day and celebrating for almost an entire week. I LOVE having a Valentine's Day birthday. Not only do I love any holiday created to express love and eat chocolate, but what's better than feeling more special than everyone else on a day where everyone is special? Does that make sense?
It was an absolutely GREAT birthday thanks to my two sisters Maggie and Jordan, who 1) totally decorated my room when i was at class for a huge surprise and 2) had me over for dinner and dessert (the most amazing cheesecake ever) and quality time with my cute nephews and sisters (refer to Maggie's blog "Venus vs. Mars").
I fared with 3 new movies, Notting Hill, Little Women (on my all time fav. list), and Across the Universe, an exquisite dinner at P.F. Chang's, a new cell phone, some lacoste and ralph lauren clothes, and a bouquet of my favorite flowers from a mystery man. Needless to say it was a FABULOUS birthday!

My room after Maggie decorated it!

Me reveling in the candy Maggie put all over my bed.

Dinner at P.F. Chang's with friends and Maggie, my sister.


McClellan Family said...

WOW! Cute blog sista! I'm happy to see you put some fun memories of your birthday on it. Keep it up!

The Bohmans said...

You're so dang cute! I'm so happy we're related!

jeff said...

hello you also got the oc. how can you not talk about the oc? it's amazing.