Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Can I just say that I love the Jazz!?

I went to my first game ever last week (Jazz vs. the Pistons), and it was SO FUN! I went with a friend, Mckay, from work! His dad scored us 6th row seats! I Love a good basketball (heck-- I played for nine years!), and this one was S-U-S-P-E-N-S-F-U-L!! I won't bore you all with the details, but the Jazz totally came from behind beating the pistons in the final quater! That enthusiastic Jazz bear is so CrAzY looking! Ohand the best part? Watching a 91 year-old woman usher do the SPLITS! Umm.. hello! I've never ever done the splits in my entire life! I wish I had a picture! I will tell you, though, I pretty much fell IN LOVE with Kyle Korver! My beautiful number 26 kept me entertained, and at one point I was so caught up in his dreamy looks that I screamed "Korver, I love you" so loud. I KNOW he heard me because he was only like 15 feet away, it was quiet when I yelled, and everyone around me looked at me like i was some crazy girl-- i guess they were right! Anyway, enjoy the pictures of my first Jazz game! It was a BLAST!


McClellan Family said...

SO FUN Adygie!!! Loved your description of the dreamy b-ball player and amazingly flexible 91-year old usher. Glad you got to go and have such a blast! I'll be there tonight for the Rascals!! Can't wait!

The Bohmans said...

you're so freaking cute! i'm so glad your mama birthed you!

IzeOfLight said...

Next time, we need pictures of Korver's face. Thanks. -- Laura =)