Sunday, March 30, 2008


I must say that today was one of the funnest days I've had since I moved to UT! It was a blast! The Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork held its annual "Festival of Colors." They had singing, dancing, a bonfire, and lots of food. However, the most exciting part (and the part that attracts people from all over the state) is their colored powder. They sell bags of colored powder that people just throw at each other for hours and hours. I went with the MGs, but i saw a ton of friends! It was really a memorable experience- one I plan on doing a few more times in my life! I am clean now, but my shower seems to be permanently dyed purple from the 98 cups of powder that were in my hair! If you ever have the opportunity to go-- TAKE IT! Love love love!

Me before with my friends Lindsay and Jenny!

M'Recia, Me, Jenny, and Natali

This is Josh Preston. I loved him as a sunbeam. LOVED. Then he moved away, broke my heart, and I hadn't seen him since.. until I randomly threw powder on him then realized it was HIM. Gasp! I think I scared him when I suggested we take a picture together :( He's really cute, and I would never admit it anywhere but here (i doubt he'll ever find this-- he just doesn't seem the blogging type!)

These are some Provo MGs-- Natali and Jenny!


You can kind of see the awesome temple in the background. We're with an elephant.



Heather said...

i wanted to go so bad! i'm totally jealous of you!

The Bohmans said...

Wow!!! How fun! These pics are fabulous! Frame them!

McClellan Family said...

All I can say is "What the HECK?"
Never heard of this before. Don't they worry about getting colors all over the beautiful white temple? Looks like a lot of fun!

Cami said...

Hey, this is my first time visiting your blog. It's so fun to see you pictures-- and what a fun time it sounds like you're having--I think I'll just come live with you down there! I can't believe how BRIGHT that colored dust is! Well, carry on the fun!

Jaclyn said...

I've lived in UT my whole life and i've never heard about that, but boy does it look like fun. When I saw your first picture I thought the coloring on the photo was funky but then I realized it was actually just YOU. Enjoy every moment of being a MG, it is only for a moment. You're a doll!

Andrea & Bo said...

oo looks spectacular
I figured it to get you on my blog thing I mean. :)
This reminds me of World Religions class..
you were in that weren't yOU?