Thursday, April 17, 2008

I had three hilarious stories to share with all of you, but as luck would have it, I forgot all of them but one.

I've got a Donk.
The other night, I parked innocently in a parking space outside of my apartment. Upon exiting my vehicle and starting my way towards my front door, I stop myself. Mistake. I decided to grab the case of water bottles that have been in my trunk for a week so that I won't be totally dehydrated anymore (I aviod drinking tap water at all costs-- literally). So, i open my trunk and reach, not bend,-- reach-- over to grab the case of H2O goodness. As a car appraoches, I try to ingore the heart-thumping beats pounding from the stero, out the open window, and into my ear. The obnoxiously large truck, full of obnosxiously obnoxious young men.. or boys.. drives past. To my utter surprise and humiliation, I hear "BADONKADONK!" being yelled at me. I straighten up and look around to make sure no one witnessed my moment of humiliation. Thankfully, I was all alone. What is a badonkadon, you ask? Well, coming from the ghetto high school, Raytown, I know the answer to such a question. However, I refer to an Urban Dictionary.
1. badonkadonk

An ‘ebonic’ expression for an extremely curvaceous female behind. Women who possess this feature usually have a small waist that violently explodes into a round and juicy posterior

2. badonkadonk
A Gleuteus Maximus that is both:
1)symmetrical (width and depth), and
2)jiggles with ease using only the slightest hip/back popping motion.

(Said in tha club) Man, look at that girl workin that. She's got that badonkadonk!

Demeaning? Yes. Flattering? No.

Sad realization.. this even happens at BYU. I think I'll go cry again after rehashing such a humiliatingly loss of self-worth experience.


McClellan Family said...

Adrianne, Thanks for making me laugh out loud! I'm very familiar with Badonkadonk! Please tell me you have heard Trace Adkins's Honky Tonk Badonkadonk! You have to hear it if you haven't!!! (Just don't watch the video)By the way that description does not fit you at all!!!

maggie said...

Girrrl he did you dirty reeeal bad.

you were witness to how hard I laughed when I a) listened to the story for the first time
and b) continued to think about it for the past few weeks and
c) when I read the post tonight.

The Bohmans said...

1. I pretty much love your made me laugh and cry for you! I hate BYU for crap like that.

2. The donk totally runs in the family...I have myself quite a nice ghetto booty. Be proud!

3. You and your MG girls are darling.