Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh... my life....

I'm a little hesitant to actually write about this specific topic, but it must be done. Don't judge.. just laugh!

As some of you may know, I am in love.. IN LOVE... with a wonderful guy named JED! Fortunately, I am able to say that he is serving a mission right now. This tiny detail complicates my life a little bit, knowing the man I want to marry is serving a short 45 minutes away in SALT LAKE CITY, yet it seems as though he is a world away.
What do I do to cope with the trauma of loving someone I can't see? Well, until about a month ago I would look at pictures, read old letter and emails, and basically spiral downward in a pathetic pity party.
Now? Well, with the discovery of an amazing support group, I am able to CELEBRATE this time of personal growth with inspiring ladies who are going through the exact same thing. Waiting for a missionary is a unique experience. It's hard to have people laughing, making rude comments, and doubting your sanity with the knowledge of you missionary man. So, knowing that these girls, Missionary's Girls-- the MGs we call ourselves-- know every emotion is such a comfort! It's a world-wide group, but I'm fortunate enough to live in Utah now, where the majority of other girls live as well!
We cook, we wii, we partAy, we dance, we sing, we scrapbook, and we HAVE FUN! I love them! Yes, please laugh at me!


maggie said...

I almost chose that same background!

Sheryl said...

i think this is a great idea! i always wanted someone to wait for me, but it never happened. and i always secretly wanted to wait for a missionary too, so i'll live vicariously through you. my friend is planning her wedding now, because her missionary is home. she waited so it still happens and works. dont let others get to you. and p.s. be a support to your missionary but not a distraction, and what will suppose to be will be. :)

Brian and Marilee said...

ahh you are just too dang cute. It seems like just yesterday I was in the same boat as you well remember. It is so hard to stay sane for two whole years. So kudos to you for finding a great bunch of girls who totally know what it is like! Good luck with the love of your life. I never thought that things would end up for me how they did but I have to say I got really good at the waiting thing the second missionary around and the lord knows what he is doing so have fun and just trust him and I promise everything works out as it should!

JeRiCa said...

Adrianne you cute little thing you! I love it soooooo much that you are waiting for a missionary and I am totally rooting for you! You go girlfriend!

Andrea & Bo said...

I WISH I would've had something like this!!!!!!!
But hey, I made it.
You'll make it.
And ... I'm sure they'll all make it toO :)