Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey Ya'll! I'm working on a My Favorite Things post, but in the meantime, I have to brag about the garage sale trip I scored on Saturday! I got about 13 things for less than $20!!!

Old Navy Skirt, pink sweater, and black cardigan: 50 cents EACH!

White New York and Co. blouse and army jacket: 50 cents EACH!

Necklace and never-before-worn Old Navy sweater: $2 EACH!

ADORABLE wedges: $2

Cute Boots: $1!!!!

"Prada" (you can't tell it's imitation) purse: $3
"Prada" Wallet (VERY handy): $1
Royal's hat: 50 cents
Citizen Kane (Classic-- check it out!): 50 Cents

Isn't it just so cute!?

A fun day with the parentals and cheap cheap purchases: Priceless!


Joan said...

Adrianne, you are an absolute doll! Joan and I love your blog and all the adorable things you got at the garage sale. We love you tons!! Uncle Jeff

McClellan Family said...

Way to go GIRLFRIEND! Great to see you're bonding with the Garage Sale Fanatics. You got some good buys. I'm sure you're the favorite child right now! Miss you! Hope to see you for a little while over the 4th!

April said...

i love that you garage sale...
we need to go together sometime. my friend in lenexa got a Kitchen Aid mixer right for $10!!! it had never been used! crazy!!!


Cute clothes Adrianne! There is nothing cooler than something you like and when that something is FREE! Yippee!

Livin' Single said...

how come whenever i go garage saling, it's always lame and i come away with a half-eaten crayon? good job, girl!

The Wettstein Family said...

OHMYGOSH!!! The midwest has the absolute best garage sales!! That is one of the things I miss most about Des Moines! One summer I found everything on my wish list at garage sales!