Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm getting pretty sick of seeing those raggedy old garage sale clothes, so I figured it was time for an update! I have been very very busy this week preparing to be an EFY counselor! I have to go back a number of years in order to demonstrate my excitement.

Summer 2002-- (13 years old) Wished and wished that I was old enough to go to EFY.
Summer 2003-- (14 years old) I went with my best friend Casi Eyerly to the EFY at the KU campus in Lawrence, KS. It was without a doubt one of the most spiritually awakening experiences of my life. It was this summer that I remember actually knowing that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was and is TRUE. I knew I had to go back.
Summer 2004-- (15 years old) and so I did. Casi and I roomed together again at the KU campus and enjoyed meeting several new friends. This year was a very social year for me (as well as spiritual, naturally). Our "company" name was "The Wrath to Come"... it was so awesome and we ran with it in our cheer and skit competitions. "We're coming. We're coming. We're coming after you (clap clap). So watch yo back, so watch yo back, so watch yo back, FOO! WE ARE THE WRATH (clap clap clap clap) The Wrath to come! Heyyy-ooo!" (Shout out, Tiff!)
Summer 2005- (16 years old) Oh! This summer proved to be a life altering experience. On the first day of EFY I spotted and amazingly attractive (which meant very very tall, lanky, skinny, and BLOND) boy named Jed. I definitely called dibs on him, but soon found myself in a race for his affection. I was ahead when on the second day of knowing him he told me he wasn't looking for a relationship because he was getting ready to go on a mission (in a year and a half...). So I ended that pursuit very quickly. We enjoy the rest of the week as friends then Months later he realizes his massive mistake and we fall in LOVE. I still do love that boy! And I will get to be with him again in 3.5 months! (Shout out to Counselor Karen)!

Summer 2006-- (17 years old). This year Casi moved to Texas so I went with my friend Andrea! We had a blast (and once again the boy ignored me all week because some girl had monopolized him... I promise these are the only two weeks in all of our history that things weren't perfect!). It was a good final year, and the whole time I kept thinking about how awesome it would feel to be a COUNSELOR!

fast forward-- Winter 2007-2008-- NERVE-WRACKING application process! But I must've done something right because those CES people are trusting me with the Church's Youth for 2 weeks! I have been working on my domestic skills and have come out on top with some adorable handouts thanks to some expertise help from Jordan! I can't wait, and I know this will prove to be a greater learning experience than any other year! The church is TRUE! Can't you just see me cheeering that to a group of young teenage girls!?


Sandra and/or Kevin said...

Adrianne, you are just too cute. We hope things work out for you and the "blonde guy". He may have ignored you for that one week at EFY, but you were all he could talk about after he was home again. Make sure that we hook up for dinner or something when you are in Lawrence and have some time.

The "blonde guys" Dad

Beth said...

I am so totally jealous!! I always wanted to be an EFY counselor! You are going to be so awesome!
Did you know that Jordan and I went to EFY together? We totally rocked that week! All the guys thought she was totally gorgeous and loved her accent. I was just the crazy cousin she brought along!
Good luck!

April said...

I am so jealous! I wish I would have done something like that. I so want things to work out for you and that "tall lanky kid". He is so stinkin' skinny. Anywho...make sure you call me when you are here in Lawrence, cuz, in Lawrence every day! I would love to see you! Good Luck!!!

Maggie said...

In that pic of you with all the EFY boys it looks like Jed is about to give you a blessing

McClellan Family said...

Adrianne, you're so awesome! Have a wonderful time. Help the Lord change these girls' lives forever...that's what happened to me. Good luck and see you Saturday, the 5th. Come to Mom's ward with us on Sunday! Love ya

McClellan Family said...

By the Way, CUZ Beth, I remember it to be quite the opposite! All the guys loved you. AND The Ramen Noodles were scrumptious!

Livin' Single said...

i know you will the best counselor, and i hope that your kids try to hook you up with another counselor, because that was always really fun. i hooked my sister up with a counselor one year, but they didn't work out because she beat him at trivial pursuit and he felt dumb. true story. moral of the story: act dumber than you are and boys will like you.

Andrea & Bo said...

You make me laugh. I hope you had a blast!! :)
And...3.5 months is coming fast. Woooah.
I need to see you again before you leave.. like ASAP!

Jaclyn said...

I didn't know you met your man at EFY. I can't wait to hear about your EFY adventures when you return. Good you for living your dream. Can't wait to see you this fall.

Karen Ruth said...

I love that 2005 picture...mainly beacuse I love that group!