Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!

It seems as though I've brought HORRIBLE weather home with me. It is HOT and MUGGY almost everyday, rain or shine.. and mostly rain. I thought I remembered what humidity was like, but I was sorely mistaken! It is M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E here! The only good thing is that my hands are finally back to normal after 10 months of dry air and working with paper which made my hands like sandpaper!
Yesterday seemed to be the worst weather yet! I got stuck at the mall while it was pouring buckets of rain and hail. I waited by the doors as the world outside was an eerie green. We all know what that means-- Tornado! I'm surprised we didn't have one nearby. The lightning was outrageous, striking every few seconds and lighting up the sky for hours and hours. Anyway, here is a video from last saturday and pictures from last night. Forecast for tomorrow: Severe Weather. Yippeee!

Me trying to drive home during a rain-break
I caught some lightning!
I was scared! Tornadoes are still one of my greatest fears!

I hope I live.


McClellan Family said...

It's so great to hear your voice in the video. I'm so sorry you're having that kind of weather. I know how much it scares you. I love rainstorms- but not green, eerie, haily, Missouri rainstorms. We had a little sprinkle here in Utah the other day and a HUGE beautiful double rainbow outside!!!
I'll try to post.

maggie said...

I miss it!

Joan said...

I am scared of tornados too! We love your pics and your comments. You are beautiful blonde or dark!! Jeff & Joan