Thursday, July 31, 2008

My second week at EFY: Lawrence, KS July 7th-12th

This week was especially special because it is the same session I attended for FOUR years! Being on the KU campus reminded me of so many memories, and there were even several of my past group members still attending at participants. weird. I was excited to have 16-18 yr olds this week, which was kind of weird because i attended a couple of the same years my girls did, if that makes sense. My girls were so chill, but i got a little frustrated because it was like pulling teeth trying to get them to join in discussions. I LOVE these girls so much! It was a pleasant surprise to be paired with the same co counselor i'd had the week before, and i think we made a great team. However, our boys. Oh, our boys... they were ROUGH! We had 8 boys and at the beginning of the week it seemed at 6 of them would resist all week.. but by the end of the week we'd snapped most of them into shape. I sure did learn a lot!
The whole Group
My girls
The Boys
Stephen and Me
The DEATH of me-- doesn't he just look like a punk?
Our banner for games night
Pizza night!
Games night sunset!
One morning, i walk into our Gospel study area and see this. It's a pretty accurate description of Stephen and my week. I was loopy all week, and Stephen wanted to die all week. As far as the "squish that face" thing.... it was a self-defense trick i taught my girls.
This is a sign that I made wed. night on some garbage i found.. and by Friday I'd turned it into this work of art that i carried with me everywhere!
Tiffanie Player... LOVE HER! Tiffanie was my counselor when i was 15! This year we reunited as fellow counselors!
Shae Morgan was in my group 2 out of 4 years of my efy participant career. He was enjoying his last year as a participant!



Excellent posts, Adrianne! I'm glad you had so much fun at EFY! Nice nametag, also! Take my parents up on that dinner thing... it would be fun!

April said...

EFY looks like so much fun. I never did anything like that when I was your age.
Dinner...would be fun! Make sure you call/e-mail before you go back to UTAH!!!
Plus we get to see you in October!!!