Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh my GOODNESS! This last month has been beyond eventful! I will try to recap the skeleton of one of the best months of my life!

EFY: Normal, IL June 30th-July 5th

This week I was blessed with 10 amazing 14-15 year-olds! They were ANGELS and so very insightful! They all had such strong testimonies and taught me a lot about Christlike love! I was in a company of 3 groups. 1 group of 8 boys, and 2 groups of 10 girls each! I got really close with all of the youth! It was a BLAST!

My co counselors Stephan and Marta
Tunnel Run on Game night

Our company Banner: From the Dead
Service Activity-- Looming Beanies for Babies
Gospel Study

Me and My girrrrlZ

I got some hook-ups from a counselor named Young


Sandra and/or Kevin said...

Oh you sly "young" lady......... I love the name tag in the last picture. It's great to hear you had such a wonderful time. Who knew being with 28 teens for a week could be so much fun?

Let us know before you head back out to Utah, we'll all go out to dinner or something.

Sarah said...

Adrianne. I love you and our awesome EFY IL time with lots of counselor clumping.
i miiiissss ittttt.
love sarah aka bffffff.