Monday, August 25, 2008

Seee ya soon, Lagoon!

Well, saturday was a fun-filled day at Lagoon, an amusement park here in Utah! I hadn't been since I was like... 5? or 6 maybe? So, i felt like a little kid on Christmas day! I rode all of the roller coasters with my brother-in-law Mike! I also got to ride the carousal with my nephews! It was a blast! I couldn't believe that Lagoon has a WATER PARK in the middle of it! I had every intention of swimming, but i decided to nap instead. It was just such a blast to get to do something with Maggie, Jordan, Mike, the boys, and Mike's family! Maggie and I took a little ice cream break, and I remember saying something like "this is the most fun i've had in ages!" Being there really reminded me how much of a kid i am at heart! Gotta love it!

On our Way!

Sometimes I pretend they're mine :)


Cute nephews flying!

Me'n'Mr. Giraffe! On the Carousal, of cousre!

Ms. Sassafrass

Joyge! Ready for some bumpin! One of our favorites!

My little Pilots!

Basically, it was one of the best days ever! Thanks to Jordan and Mike for the opportunity! I love having an excuse to act like a little kid!

p.s. random funny story: I took cameron (my 5-yr old nephew) on "The Roller Coaster," which is a pretty lame, yet rickety and old wooden roller coaster. He was screaming bloody murder the whole way... and i couldn't help but laugh. I felt bad for the poor kid, terrified as he was, but he survived, and I was so proud of him!



Adrianne Jayne, I just love your guts! Congrats on getting to Lagoon... we have been talking about it all summer, but we still haven't been? Maybe we should meet up for FRIGHTMARES?!

Bonnie said...

you are sooo cute!

Bonnie said...

give me your email and I will add you to my mgs.

Amanda said...

i basically..
love you.
lets play soon! :)

♥ MG-Manda
ps. add me :)

livestronggirl06 said...

lets try that again.. i wasn't logged in. but regardless.. i love you!

The Wettstein Family said...

Your family is too cute! Will you adopt me?! I need an update on all things adrianne (especially the boy stuff)! Luv ya!