Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

Today, I'm sending a special "Happy Birthday" to my lifelong playmate and eternal date-- My sister Maggie!

She is 25 today! That means for almost 20 years she's been influencing my life for the better! She was always there to "accessorize" my barbies, make puppychow, and teach me the ways of people her age. I've looked up to her from day one, I'm sure, and she's played an invaluable role in my life, as all of my siblings have. When Maggie left on her mission to the Cleveland, Ohio mission nearly 4 years ago, I remember sleeping with a kleenex box because i couldn't stop crying. She often sent me inspirational, handmade cards and shared her testimony with me. She still does, and that means the world to me. I think i bring out her childish side, and while I may act annoyed, I usually love it! It has been one of the best experiences of my life to be able to come out to BYU and spend so much time with her! She has helped me so much as I've vented about roommates, tried to find my way around campus, and talked incessantly about Jed. Poor Girl! I wish I could give her the Tiffany's bracelet she's always wanted, or a million dollar shopping spree to Banana Republic, but since I'm broke as joke, this sentimental blog post and a few dolllars will have to do the trick! I love you, Maggie!


Beth said...

Wow! What a tribute to an older sister! You all have such an amazing relationship with each other! Happy Birthday Mags!!! We love you too!!
Hope to see you tonight at Whit's reception!

Bonnie said...

How cute.

Also, today in class everyone started packing up eight or nine minutes early and I, too, was bugged. Especially when it's something as inspiring as Van Gogh.

maggie said...

I TOTALLY AGREE with Bonnie! How can you walk out on Van Gogh!

Adgie-Baby thanks so much for this awesome birthday post! It was the first thing I read when I woke up on my birthday and it made me so happy! I LOVE that you are out here at BYU to keep me sane! Love you!