Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Please Excuse Me While I Vent

Pet Peeve #1
I'll call it.. bottle necking.
Yesterday, my Leisure in Contemporary Society class ended quite abruptly-- nearly 20 minutes early. It was a fascinating lecture on the Olympics: Ancient Greece vs. the Present. As everyone starts packing up to go (which is another pet peeve entirely-- when people start putting things away as the Professor or speaker is finishing up with his or her strongest statement, testimony, etc... all I hear is the zzzzzziiiip of a backpack or scripture case or the clicccking of pens.. It totally ruins the moment), Professor Lee flashes up one last slide showing the Olympics Rings and what each one represents. Since i hadn't started packing up yet, I began jotting down the meanings. WRONG! I glance up, then double take as I notice that the entire ISLE is waiting for me to finish so they can get past me (we're in an auditorium here). Hello people! Class isn't even supposed to be over for another 20 minutes. What's the rush? I reluctantly grabble (i made up that word) all of my stuff in my arms without finishing my notes or packing up. I exit the row so i can put my things away and let all of those RUSHED people out of the classroom. Wrong... As i'm trying to juggle everything into my backpack, it all just topples on the floor. There wasn't even a warning. It just fell out of my hands, so unexpectedly. I watched as this cute guy picked it up for me. "Thank you SO much," I say with a smile. As i walk past him, I'm BODY-CHECKED by a girl rushing past me. WHYYYY? What's the rush people. SLow it down. Show some courtesy! Don't force me to be the bottleneck. please.

Pet Peeve #2
The half-cuss.
Ok. I get it. We all say, "Oh my gosh," "What the heck," "Dang!" and several other substitute phrases. I'm ok with that. I do it too! I can even handle the occasional cuss word. Yeah-- I guess I have bad ears. But what I can't stand is when people seem to flash into a rage and say, "WHAT THE FFFFFFF." Like they're about to say something worse, but they exercise the last minute will and strength to cut themselves off before they get to the really bad part. "Holy ssssshhhh," I hear all day. UGH ugh ugh! You can be more creative, people. I promise. If you're going to make the phrase enter my mind, at least finish it out so I can have a legitimate reason to be annoyed with you. Thanks!

five intertwined rings in different colors - blue, yellow, black, green, red - are placed on the white field of the paper. These five rings represent the five parts of the world which now are won over to Olympism and willing to accept healthy competition.
I feel better now.

p.s. I love the word Shazam!

and I cried when i went here and read this. The world is a beautiful place and beautiful people are all around us, even if they half-cuss or force us to be bottlenecks!


Karen Ruth said...

My favorite non-cuss? "Bob Saget!" It does so much.

maggie said...

make me laugh so hard why don't you?!! I'm trying to discretely check blogs at work and you are not making it easy!

karlee said...

ok... stephanie and christian nielson, amazing story.
i read it everyday.