Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MG scrap night...

can get pretty chaotic!

Not gonna lie, I'm kind of an MG superstar... only by default though. Hellooo Jed comes home so soooon.

Sorry. I AM kind of obsessed.


Lindsay Anne said...

HAHAHAHA ok so maximize that last picture...I look like the biggest creeper ever!!!!!!!!

PS you are an MG superstar.

(PS this is lindsay...sorry im blog comment retarded)

Leanna said...

thanks for posting leanna at her best- B's basketball shorts- nasty old hat... blahh!!

such a fun night!

so excited for you girl!!! dasdfa;slfkj;sdfjka;sdgjkaldfjkas;dfkjasdlfkjas;d

Leanna said...
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Jamilyn said...

Man, the worst thing about not living in Utah anymore is that you girlies do all sorts of fun stuff together! The closest MG to me is in another state! Looks like lots of fun.

To reply to your comment on my blog... I LOVE Sarah too! I'm glad that you got to hear details about our awesome Nauvoo trip from her. And all about Mr. Creepster. I seem to be getting alot of guys like him these days. Yikes. You're such a MG super star. But not cause Jed is so close to coming home, but because you're simply awesome!